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Joe Reilly

Owner/General Manager

Born in the City of Brotherly Love and raised on soft pretzels, Philly cheese steaks and Temple University, I grew up listening to AM rock-n-roll radio back in the days of great AM Top 40 radio stations like WIBG, WFIL, WABC, WLS, CKLW & WMID, all of which inspired me to get into radio.

In the summer of 1971, my dream of being on the radio became a reality when I was hired by WBUX in Doylestown, PA. The radio station was literally located in the middle of a cow pasture. There was a sign on the wall that said "WBUX plays much more MOO Sick" - a reference to the fact that the station was indeed located in a cow pasture.

It wasn't long before my career in radio became like the sitcom TV lyrics of WKRP, from "town to town and up and down the dial." I spent the next several years at WAMS Wilmington, Delaware, WMID Atlantic City, New Jersey, WLEE Richmond, Virginia, WNDE Indianapolis, Indiana, and WAKY Louisville, Kentucky. In 1980 I was promoted from Disc Jockey to Program Director of WKJJ-FM Louisville, better known as KJ-100!

Then my programming career took me from Louisville to half-way across the country to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and then back east to Rochester, New York; Detroit, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio; and back to Rochester, New York.

When I was 12 years old I dreamed of owning a radio station. Throughout my corporate career, I often thought of that boyhood dream and over the years I kicked the tires of stations for sale in several towns. However, none of the situations appealed to me until I came to Bloomsburg to check out AM 930, which was for sale by the local newspaper, Press Enterprise. The station was "dark," meaning it was off the air.

Bloomsburg was everything I ever wanted in a community. A town rich in radio history, a college town, a river town, a town with a strong sense of community, a town with good schools, and a town offering a great quality of life. So, my wife Nancy and I formed the Columbia Broadcasting Company and purchased the old AM 930 WCNR. The station's assets did not include a tower, so we literally rebuilt "The Bloomsburg Station" from the ground up as NEWSRADIO WHLM.

With the success of WHLM AM came the opportunity to bring back WHLM FM. In the spring of 2006, we formed a new corporation, Columbia FM, Inc. We purchased the assets of WKAB 103.5 FM in Berwick and restored the WHLM FM call sign.

Today, the Columbia Broadcasting Company empire has grown to include, NEWSRADIO WHLM in Bloomsburg at 930 and 104.3, Berwick at 1280 and 94.7, Danville at 105.5, Classic Rock 103.5 and WHLM.com.

I am proud of the stations that we have built and even more proud of the people we have hired to staff these stations.

Cary Pall

Programming Consultant

Cary Pall is the “voice” of WHLM-FM. He also consults the station. He has created the sound and position of 103.5.

Cary was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Long Island and New Jersey. As a boy, he listened to radio stations like WMCA, WABC, WINS and WMGM from New York, WFIL and WIBG in Philadelphia, and WARM from Scranton. Cary discovered nighttime AM radio in the early 60s and listened to lots of other stations from around the country, like WKBW in Buffalo, WCFL from Chicago, WBZ in Boston and CKLW from Windsor, just across from Detroit. When he visited his mom's family in Dayton, Ohio, he heard great stations like WING and WONE in Dayton, WCOL in Columbus and WSAI in Cincinnati. The energy and talent of the people on those stations motivated Cary to build a homemade studio out of old Victrolas and a tape recorder, where he practiced being a DJ. By the time he was in high school, Cary had already operated a number of low powered "pirate" AM transmitters from his studio, broadcasting to the neighborhood.

After attending college in Boston, he started in radio 35 years ago in Schenectady, New York. By age 21, he had worked his way to Utica, Rochester, the Hudson Valley and, finally, to New York City, where he was the youngest DJ in the city at that time.

Cary has worked in places as diverse as New Orleans, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Dallas, Orlando, Memphis, Philadelphia, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Western Kansas, Toledo and Greenville, South Carolina. He's most well-known in the radio industry as the founder of WMMO-FM in Orlando, where many of the programming principles we enjoy on Classic Hits 103.5 were first broadcast in 1990.

Today, Cary lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, who was born and raised in nearby Mt. Healthy. Cary operates his consulting business from his home studio (which has grown somewhat since he was a kid). His son, and his two stepsons also live in Cincinnati, and the rest of Cary's family is right up the road in Dayton. "Bloomsburg is like my second home", says Cary. "I probably spend more time here than anywhere other than home. I've been to the Bloomsburg Fair enough to have developed an addiction to Grotto's Pizza!" Bobby Joe, Larry White and Cary have been working on radio projects together since 1985. "They are like the brothers I never had as a kid."

Jim Doyle

Sports Announcer

When you think of local sports here in Columbia County up pops the name Jim Doyle. He is a local sports icon spending his entire career serving the sporting community of the Susquehanna Valley.

A 1968 graduate of Berwick High School and a 1972 graduate of Bloomsburg State College, now Bloomsburg University.

Jim started his career as a sportscaster on the Berwick AM station WBRX in 1967. Then in 1969 Jim made his move to the WHLM stations here in Bloomsburg where he has been a sports anchor ever since.

Jim Doyle a.k.a The Voice of Bloomsburg University football and men’s basketball is also the voice of area high school football and basketball.

Over the years there have been awards and honors. In 1993 Jim received PSAC’s George Heslip Media Award. In 1997 he was inducted into the Bloomsburg University Athletic Hall of Fame. In 1999 Jim was inducted into the Bernie Ramonoski Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame. Also in ’99, he was honored by being inducted into the Berwick Area Sports Hall of Fame.

Andy Ulicny

Sports Announcer

He is known as the “color guy” teamed up with Jim Doyle on the Bloomsburg University and Berwick High School football broadcasts. His area of expertise is adding analysis, perspective and maybe a quip or two.

Andy graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with two Bachelors’ and a Master’s degree. He somehow manage do to all this in just the four scholarship years provided by the prestigious Ivy League institution. This guy’s no dummy!

At the age of 22, he became head football coach of Southern Columbia in an era when the school board considered dropping the beleaguered football program. In his first season, 1980, the team endured yet another winless season with a record of 0 - 10. Over the next four years, Ulicny took the football program from the throes of a 26 game losing streak to a 12-1 Eastern Conference Championship and was named by the Reading Eagle as the Anthracite Coach of the Year.

Andy has been inducted into both the Bernie Romanaski and the Northern Anthracite Hall of Fames for his contributions to regional sports as a player, coach and broadcaster.

Andy still resides in his hometown of Shenandoah with his wife Debra. They have one lovely daughter, Nicole, currently in the Philadelphia area. Ulicny still teaches English as well as some World History at Southern Columbia where he serves as Language Arts Department Chair.

Mario Jordan

Marketing Representative

At a young age I knew music was in me. I played in a few bands before recording at the Scepter record studio in New York and went on the road up and down the East Coast. After I came back from the road I jumped from job to job, which always separated me from music. None of those jobs were rewarding, but I still kept playing my music. After a time, I was introduced to Larry Hopper through a friend and in turn he introduced me to Joe Reilly - the owner of NEWSRADIO WHLM & Classic Rock 103.5. Today, I'm still playing in a 70's show band called 70's Flash Back, and, I'm part of the WHLM sales team where I still feel close to the music I love. I have the best of both worlds.

Nancy Reilly

Owner/Business Manager

A long, long time ago, I became aware of radio while listening to my favorite Top 40 hits on WABC, WIBG and WFIL while living in Philadelphia and later in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. As a music major at Bucks County Community College, I started hanging around the college radio station, WTYL, helping with logs and broadcasting the news. That's when my life changed – I met Joe Reilly – one of the D.J.'s on the station! I became his biggest fan and have spent the rest of my life following him from town- to- town and up and down the dial.

In 2001, we returned to Pennsylvania and celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary one week before we signed on our first radio child, NEWSRADIO WHLM. We spent years working toward this dream of owning our own station and then in 2006, the opportunity to purchase (adopt) 103.5 FM presented itself. Believe me, if I didn't think that Joe Reilly knew what he was doing I'd be concerned, but his track record speaks for itself. It's been a lot of fun and we've truly been blessed with a beautiful community to live in as well as a wonderful group of co-workers who also believe in Joe Reilly's dream.

As Co-owner/Business Manager of these radio stations, my life is very busy and interesting. The support of friends over the years continues to be one of our greatest treasures. We have enjoyed having many visitors check out our stations and “the only town in Pennsylvania – Bloomsburg.”

Bob Reite

Chief Engineer

Last, but certainly not least in our WHLM Family is our Chief Engineer, Bob Reite. Bob is the reason we were on the air, bringing help and information to you during the flood of 2011. You can read an article that he wrote on the event By Clicking Here.

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