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In September of 1956 WHLM-FM was turned on by Bloomsburg businessman Harry L Magee of Magee Industries Enterprises at the frequency of 106.5. The WHLM call letters, HLM for Harry L Magee, were first assigned to 690 AM in 1951, 550 AM in 1953, and 106.5 FM in 1956. The stations were sold in 1998, the call letters were deleted, and 106.5 became WFYY.


Columbia Broadcasting asked for permission from the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) in Washington, DC and was granted WHLM in 2001. The new home for WHLM was back on the AM dial as News Radio 930 WHLM.


The Columbia Broadcasting Co. purchased the assets of 103.5 FM in Berwick in the spring of 2006.


While WHLM-AM specializes in news, sports, weather and the Greatest Hits of All Time, WMMZ-FM plays nothing but the classic rock that you heard on the radio during the late 60s, 70s and 80s.

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